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Clock makers of Burnley

Battinson, John of Burnley

Bell, John of Burnley

Blakeborough, Henry of Leyburn and Burnley

Brown, Henry of Burnley

Broxup, James of Burnley

Cooper, William G. of Burnley

Cunningham, John M. of Burnley

Davies, Charles of Burnley

Dickinson, John Henry of Burnley

Dixon, Robert of Burnley

Gilyard, William H. & Son of Burnley

Hartley, Henry of Burnley

Heap, John of Burnley

Heap, John of Burnley

Ingham, William of Burnley

Inman, James of Burnley

Kershaw, Edward T. of Burnley

McNicol, James of Burnley

Roberts, John of Burnley

Smith, Thomas of Burnley

Stancliff, John of Burnley

Stancliffe, John of Burnley

Wignall, Henry of Burnley

We provide a free collection, evaluation and delivery service thorough Burnley and the surrounding areas including, Altham, Barley with Wheatley Booth, Barrowford, Barrowford Booth, Blacko, Briercliffe, Briercliffe with Extwistle, Brierfield, Brunshaw, Cliviger, Colne, Cornholme, Dunnockshaw, Foulridge, Goldshaw Booth, Great & Little Marsden, Habergham Eaves, Hapton, Heyhouses, Higham with West Close Booth, Huncoat, Ightenhill, Ightenhill Park, Nelson, Northtown, Old Laund Booth, Padiham, Read, Reedley Hallows, Reedley Hallows, Filey Close & New Launds Booth, Roughlee Booth, Sabden, Simonstone, Trawden, Wheatley Carr Booth, and Worsthorne with Hurstwood For clock service, repair and restoration on Longcase Clocks, Grandfather Clocks, Floor Clocks, Regulators, Bracket Clocks, Mantle Clocks, Carriage Clocks, Wall Clocks, Vienna Clocks, Wall Regulators and Atmos Clocks.

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